Monday, February 11, 2013

Sniper's a landmark

At least for me this character is.

This model is so far been a fun mess. It was fun creating the hi resolution model but it is still a hell of a fight to create a lower polygon model and UV map the thing. Although I can say this. You get better every time you try and do it.

My first two models were learning experiences. The first was to see if I could even accomplish getting a model into the game. The second was to come up with a workflow. As I have found out with this model it looks like my workflow is going to constantly evolve.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Macquettes and light sources

So today my wonderful parents bought me a second pose-able lamp (the second after the one I got for christmas). I can say that I would not know a thing without good references from life. Their are so many new things you learn and with adjustable props you find new interesting light comps like the one I created below. besides being a refrence its also great practice creating forms when you shape the clay. This process can be a bit tedious if you don't love it. My experience with this is that making these objects is like solving a puzzle that I have seen the complete image on the cover. Sometimes things get moved around other times you get them perfect.

Also I can't stress how amazing two lights sources are!