Sunday, April 14, 2013

Don't let the tools you use control your work

Basically the title says whats on my mind by itself. Reading Vilppu's drawing manual brought that concept into my mind. Up until I had read that, I really was using reference, and copying everything the way I saw it. In a somewhat Loomis analogy I was attempting to be the camera instead of an artist.

I can pretty much sum up my thoughts when I hear those words as such. Everything you do when your drawing or painting, must be conscious. When you sketch from a model capture the emotion that model portrays and use the picture for a guide. The more I analyze and come up with a way to express what I see instead of copying what I see it always seems to turn out more accurate.

Here is the best 1 hour digital sketch I have done (a couple days ago) after reading Vilppu's manual

There are plenty of areas of the figure I took the liberty to use my artistic license to 'draw it how I wanted'

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