Friday, July 12, 2013

Giving everything you've got

Something I find myself doing is procrastinating.

Specifically out of self inflicted failure

I don't do the best I can because i don't believe in myself while I do the hard practice work that makes someone technically excellent.

It's a self fufilling prophecy.

If I can do that to myself why can't the opposite be true?

Because I don't go to art school, the practice work has always been intimidating, but here is what I will be doing every week from now on. Maybe anyone else not in art school will also benefit from it

1. Practice doing the preparation steps of a painting ie. thumbnailing, color studies, and shape practice.

do hundreds of these, and a few will have to turn out good, when that happens be bale to analyze why they are appealing then attempt to repeat for better results over all.

This means more then just a three tone block in, that would strictly be practice for seeing compositions, I want my thumbnails to convey what I really what the painting to look like. Nathan Fawkes has some great thumbnails.

2. Master studies, as much as it hurts I need to learn from these guys.

3. Imagination work, even if you think this isn't a good idea while your still technically bad, if you never practice coming up with your own ideas, how will you ever get better at it?

4. life drawing, I live in a place where there is no such thing as a life drawing class, So I have been acquiring about making my own group, finding my own models, and finding people who have an interest in life drawing to get it to be self perpetuated. I will probably make another post on how to start one yourself later on.

5. Paint/draw everyday or as much as you can every week, finish what you need to do and make time for it.

6. Studies of work that exists now.

I want to work in the industry, if I don't know what the industry is how can I possibly get my foot in the door?

I won't be doing all of these every week because that would be insane, rather i'm going to make the practice work I need to do more enjoyable by varying weekly what I need to do and then recap how I can do it better next time, then move onto something else.

Although preparation work is something I plan to do every day. If i can do the early stages of a painting incredibly well how will that carry over through the rest of the process?

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