Thursday, April 17, 2014

Do it for yourself

Here's a list of things i have noticed from two years working through a lot of websites with art

here's a list of things I really just wanted to express my own opinion on, to me. and i mean that, to me, only. 

my opinion. its my blog idowhatiwannaokay?

this is some of the poison that i think, is what separates digital art from being as impressive and respected as traditional mediums. besides the crazy fucking obvious facts of traditional mediums, it doesn't mean that more will stop coming, this is just new and i seriously think the level of its impact is underrated by the individuals who are literally engulfed in it.

probably overstated, but seriously, do your own artwork for yourself, its a really interesting thing observing criticism. the more you do it, the more you get caught in only believing that the word of your critics is law, do not over react to someones criticism because its negative and in no way a statement towards yourself, if someone does not like your artwork fighting them will justify that your afraid of your own failures, flaws, or whatever you want to call not knowing the basics as well as you imagine you want to. it doesn't make you the one on the high horse, just don't for real.

 another note on negative criticism. Don't take negative criticism that's literally just something as blunt as saying you didn't paint that or you just made a photo or something like "you suck" brush it off these comments aren't made for you to respond to, they are a trap, period.

resist every urge in your being to defend your honor its the internet just drop it. you will lose.

If I could make every person obey one law of kindness in the world its fucking this one right here.

I struggle with this and probably will continue to but its just something to note, I have seen a lot of people on forums get caught in this kind of whirlwind of learning things that end up flawing their own work and it really is unfortunate. Study the ideas and things the masters have laid out, nothing else is worth it if you want to get good, a photograph artist and a studied artist are so far from one another its crazy but, i see to many people go for the photo look to not say something about it. in short read your loomis long and hard. I have done a lot of time killing that isn't improvement or worth my time and I know it. Imagination work does not apply to this or frankly free sketching, im talking about really trying to express your own thoughts, that time you put into trying to make that one thing look as perfect as it can possibly be but all you end up doing is fuddling around for hours and hours all because you refuse to take a large amount of time to do a painting. You need to know every aspect of what your going to add to a piece before you paint it for yourself. I seriously need to take charge of this guideline.

Photo-bashing is photo-bashing no matter how hard you turn that opacity down, fundamentals are gonna show through, its just how the game works man, don't waste your time trying to be feng zhu, cause  that mother fucker has the market of being feng zhu cornered.

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