Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Drawing is important and stuff

So this first still life was a complete failure. Which is totally fine because it taught me that I cannot simply start with shapes and create something fantastic and accurate. I need to do a sketch of what I am looking at before I can start putting in tones and color. Still life stuff is tough to sit down to do because you know its going to be hard because your trying to understand things through trial and error and its going to be horrible. After I had created the first still life I felt so bad about it I didn't want to start another. Yesterday I found Irv Rudleys YouTube channel and the advice and steps he shows about his own technique struck a chord with me, so this morning I began the sketch below the awful still life and decided that there is seriously no other way around the fact that good painting takes hard effort from start to finish. If I am completely honest with myself I have not put my 100% effort into literally anything I've done in the past.

So today is a new day and their is always time to do more painting and go about it with a plan of attack.

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